Houses, crafts, beads and bead production?

We stand before the very last days of this years excavation. We have in some areas reached beneath the floor layer and other contemporary layers of the very nice burnt house. This house is from an architectual perspective very nice as it is has been burnt down, the stone filled wall trenches are deep and wide, and the wall posts are carbonized. However, the find material from this phase is quite poor except for burnt clay. But in the layers right beneath a clay floor we find something completely different. On one small surface we see layer after layer of thin sand horizons with equally thin layers of darker earth in between. A few meters away are very "fat" coal and soot rich layers with loads of burnt bones and slag appearing. We will unfortunatley only skim the very surface of these layers, but they seem to be VERY interesting from a handicrafts perspective.

Beads are always nice to find. We have so far found four of them. The yellow bead (far below) is quite interesting. One side is melted. Either it has been secondarily melted, otherwise it must be a discarded semi finished bead. We have recently found three lumps of opaque yellow glass paste. That means that we might have bead production from the Vendel period on the site!

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