A new plateau house is now confimed.

Here comes some information about recent results from the plateau. This trench has not been easy from a stratigraphic perspective. It is also an extremely dry summer and it has been hard to see colorations without sprinkling the trench. The layers are many, thin and of a varying character. It has been quite thought provoking to understand which layers that belong to the lowest part of the mound and to buildings and activities beneath.

However, we are now confident that we are excavating a very large house which is older than the mound. Some elements, especially a stone filled wall trench and also the character of different floor layers, have parallells in the houses on the northern and southern plateaus. A lot of questions remains to be answered and will not be confirmed this year. But we have an impressing buildin, placed on a partly artificial plateau. Our basic hypothesis is thus confirmed, which is very satisfying.

The wall trench of the house. On the southern and northern plateau
were similar trenches filled with caronised posts/planks/staves.

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