RAI and other visits at GUAM

During the excavation in May-June, the Gamla Uppsala Mythical Centre project (GUAM), had a lot of visits and visitors.

Among them were citizens, pupils and tourists and of course collegues from the Uppland Museum, Uppsala University, SAU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences as well as scholars from other universities and reserach institutions.

A visit of the unusual kind we had on June 25th, when the Swedish archbishop Antje Jackelén took the opportunity to visit the excavation of the former archbishop residence.

And on the 9th of July, we were visited by some 50 members of the UK Royal Archaeological Institute (RAI).  Joakim K and myself was guiding the group at Gamla Uppsala, especially the Royal mounds and the Cathedral. The GUAM projects excavations results this and earlier years was accounted for.

Left: RAI with the Thing mound in the background. Center: On the West mound. Right: At the Southern Plateau, the place for the great Early Medieval hall.

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