Revisiting the great hall

On August 22 started the new excavation of the great hall in Gamla Uppsala, funded by the Krogager project. We will for five weeks uncover the remaining parts of the younger hall building on the southern terrace. It has previously been subject to excavations twice. First between 1988-1992 and then in 2011 within the frames of the GUAM project. We know a lot about the date, construction, destruction and subsequent ritual actions surrounding this building. But there are still many questions surrounding it. This building is very special. Not only because of its spectacular size and placement on a very large terrace overlooking the Uppsala plain. It has also extremely well preserved carbonized features and it is not heavily damaged by the plow or later buildings. About a third of the building is still not exposed. That means especially the northern part which has far more elaborate details than the southern dito. This year we will expose the remaining parts of the building but only excavate some key features and also make detailed excavation of some carbonized wall segments in order to find out which kinds of timbers that were used in the walls. We will also find out if there are traces of hearths in the house, and get further knowledge about areas immediately surrounding the house among other things. 

We will keep you updated as much as possible about the progress of the investigation and the results from the post excavation work.
The other excavation in the project in Lejre will begin within a few weeks.

Below are the planned trenches (1-5) outlined in relation to previous excavation trenches.

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