Features, features, features

Today we have at last removed all recent layers, photographed most surfaces and finally begun to excavate the many features and layers from at least the Migration Period and onwards. The culture layer thickness is almost non existant, but the accumulation of features is very dense. As you can see on the picture, there is almost no free space at all with yellow sand between the dark colorations. Even the sand has today proved to be partly belonging to the fill around post-marks.

The character of this area has probably changed during the centuries. In some degree is does however seem to be a activity area of the manor. The preservation conditions for bones is extremely good and we hope to find some really good evidence of specialised crafts. So far there is however no evident concentrations of finds belonging to metal working or features that on the survace seem to be furnaces. Occasional finds of slag and moulds do however tell that a workshop is to be found nearby.

Most surprising finds of today were some very nice knives with preserved handles in a rubbish pit from probably the 16th or 17th century. It was quite hard to stop some students from digging more today.

During next week will the excavations on the hall building begin.

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