Excavations on terrace have begun

Yesterday we began to remove the turf on the northern edge of the southern house terrace. Beneath a fairly thick turf layer has emerges a layer with loads of pieces of burnt daub. The team has only begun to clean up the trench from the topsoil layer but some things can already be stated. First of all it seems like the daub pieces are highly fragmented, and it seems likely tha the area has been cultivated in some degree. Secondly is the burnt clay surprisingly poorly burnt in comparison with pieces from other, preciously excavated parts of the building In those part has the clay even melted which means around at least 1000 degrees. In short do the fire temperature seem to have been quite varied. That could mean that the presevation conditions for other finds are better in the northern gable area.

Below the terrace is the excavation proceeding. The bone material is fantastic, when considering the preservation conditions. We try to water sieve all the features which means that fish bones are turning up regularly. Other interesting finds that have turned up during the last days are for example a few pieces of possible moulds and today a piece of worked antler, perhaps for comb production.


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