More on the entrance and a strange object

Joakim standing in the entrance/gate.

We have now begun to investigate some of the feature, construction elements and stratigraphy of the plateau. In addition have we uncovered the eastern wall as long as we can until it is cut by an old large pit. We will never find the full length but the minimun length of  today is 48,8 meters. The iron spiral decorations mentioned earlier are no longer a surprise. They turn up again and again as soon as we begin to clean up the wall line. The total amount is still not counted, but today a least five spirals were made. A strange find was made yesterday. When Fredrik began to excavate a post-hole by the entrance, he found a quite large iron mount. We do not recognize the shape at all, but a pausible interpretation is that it belongs to the entrance construction. Whether it has been functional och purely decorative remains to be answered after conservation.
The iron mount found next to the entrance.

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