A few days left

Last week was quite intense due to a number of visits from the media. The local paper (UNT), local state television (ABC) and Svenska Dagbladet all made interviews. For the project leder it was slightly embarrasing a he was heard swearing loudly on the evening news. Fortunately it was because Joakim had found the largest spiral so far, just when the reporter was on site.
Among the interviews was perhaps a visit by a japanese tv-crew the most curious. They were in Sweden making a show about the Swedes relation no nature. Old norse religion was one of the subjects and the team was happy to find a real excavation at the "pagan" centre.

We have now only three days left of the first excavation period. As usual there is a lot to do. We especially want to figure out some more about the stratigraphy of the hall building. Today the very last recognizable northern part. of the hall was uncovered. . It has definately been chopped of at some point and we will never find the gable. Another interesting thing is that we here have a clear concentration of iron spirals. Today two more were found when cleaning the damaged northern wall. We can only imagine what kind of fantastic timbers these iron objects were part of.

Fredrik has been working hard on digging a few post holes by one of the entrances. The post for the gate frame is very deep, over one meter in very hard clay. It really underlines the grandeur of the gate as it must have carried a substantial weight.


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