The august excavation has begun

In the next four weeks we will excavate the final trench this year. It is placed on another plateau called norra (northern) kungsgårdsplatån. Everyone worked very hard the first day in a sunny and quite hot temperature. Nonetheless we managed to take off all the turf. Tomorrow it is time to go downwards.

On basis of last years trial excavation we know some things about what to expect. In contrast to the southern plateau with the great hall, the northern has a far longer history. There are evidence of activities from the Migration period and onwards. From that point we can follow traces of settlements that do not end until 1963, when the final house is pulled down. The chronological sequence has most likely a number of gaps and the function of the plateau has changed through history. The primary aim of this years field-work is to find out which role this area had in the history of the royal manor. The shape of the plateau as we see it today is far from the same a people saw it during Vendel and Viking periods.

We will continously add news about the results during the coming days and also present what we discover during the report phase in the coming year.

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