The iron age is coming

Today and yesterday there were slight dissappointments and some nice indications.

In Offerlunden we found that the probably sterile ground turned up just 35 cm below the ground and almost directly beneath the 19th/20th c. depris and stone layers. We still have to think about the reason for this. But we have direct evidence for holes being dug into sterile sand in this late phase. A nice discovery was a classic type of hearth pit that we discovered today. It has been cut by a far later pit, but seems to be of Iron age date.

Västhögen as seen from Offerlunden

In the bigger test trench was earlier layers turning up five minutes before the day was over. The layer is free of brick sherds and other recent material. In addition did a fairly large (but ugly) piece of reduced prehistoric pottery turn up. It seems to be of a Late Iron Age type.

On the hill/plateau are now coal and colorations and stone concentrations turning up beneath the so far worringly empty layers. More news will follow tomorrow.

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